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Welcome to NBHI’s “Poetry Corner”

Hi! So excited that you have connected with our new Poetry Corner.

So, since starting this practice 3 years ago in 2018, a lot of things have happened in the life of the practice and in my own life. I have been writing over the years privately and did not realize the place it had in NBHI until 2019 when I nervously launched the blog “Orange Walk.”

Two years later, I realized the connection I have with the writing inspirations that flow from my life and the work I do that I feel so passionately about. Where I am from, we have this idiom, “no man is an island; no man stands alone.” To say, we can all use the encouragement!

My hope is to use my voice to inspire, encourage, and uplift others. I hope that this Poetry Corner will be that and more for you. I believe in empowering women and girls! In that spirit, each month, you can expect to find inspirational poems and

videos. Also, on our Instagram and Facebook page, on Mondays, you will find what we call Monday “Power” Tips for your daily and weekly grind.

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“Know Your Worth”

You made it seem like something was wrong with me….

My request or simple girl type nuances dismissed

So I second-guessed

On birthdays no cards…. You made it seem hard

Unimportant, trivial, these actions became a sequel.


All along I was not your intended… only your gain

And whatever you could have extracted….

After a while, my eyes opened in denial still refusing to accept

How could this be


The many inconveniences you have dealt

The many disregards and discards my heart has felt

Then suddenly my eyes, heart, and soul finally accepted


I am good, whole, and loved

These you desire and can only dream of

You are empty, producing only weeds and moss

To mar and destroy others is your loss


You made it seem like something was wrong with me

This is your cover to make many captives with you and your sorrow!

Copyright 2021 K. Henry


“The Unknown”

So, we limit ourselves by what we already know

creating the unknown takes courage, I have to bold


I don't know sometimes-- most times

where I'm going

I just know I have to keep rowing

The tides of life, seemingly insurmountably high


The signs are not always clear

My emotions are everywhere-- reeling with fear underneath


The discovery, discreet, is something I want and feel very strongly about

but then, there are the moments when I'm filled with so much doubt


My heart pounds

questions fall like rain--not like a thunderstorm

the one that goes on and on...


Then I realize there's purpose in the storm, water-- a refilling of the seas and estuaries

flowing to unknown places and sanctuaries

satisfying many yet disrupting the setting of the collective stasis of others


Opportunities, moments, straight paths, unexpected detours

None of which was known before...


Reminded, I am still the author

A lightning bolt quickens me to action

awakens my fretful stupor


From pasture to pasture

destiny may have a part or take a certain posture...

But, a bystander I cannot and will not be


An open landscape to seize-- a plain canvas screams!!!

create unknowns unique only to me.

Copyright 2021 K. Henry



I am in the present forgetting or fighting, it seems, the freedom (s) that I have...

instantly my mind starts to worry about what I want to do, the things I need to do...

This tends to happen when I sit or there's this space of quiet and calm--then the clouds threaten to roll in as I wonder--- "is it as bad as I think?"

Where do I begin...

start with this moment... breathe, smile, be

settle in--- everything will be fine.

Why not?---worrying only steals...

steals time, energy, creativity---never again to be mine

The future only gives me what I put into the present...

I do not want to come up short---

So I take comfort in knowing that I must do my part.

Scary sometimes--but of course

'What I want--- what I desire'

overwhelms these negative forces that conspire.

You see, they only win with my consent...

My nature rebels--- my dissent is felt...

Reverberating with a resounding cymbal---my resolve.

A reminder that fear and worry are not my masters...

In this moment and each to come---

I am to make the most of them while there's still sun!


Copyright 2021 K.Henry


“Nature Speaks”

The sun rises and sets
even the ocean ebbs and flows
a natural reset

My existence, too, requires each of these steps
His process, timeless, infinite, a constant companion

Trees have roots, trunks, and leaves
they function by their foundation

My being, heart, soul, and spirit
is also His creation....
I suffer without his renewing

My walks are no longer lonely
every path guided....
my entrance and access granted...
exits divinely orchestrated

Lifted and elevated are my thoughts and imagination
solipsism, sovereignty is my consciousness...

Awareness, summer or spring, He's in everything
Winter or Fall count it all joy!

K.Henry (Copyright 2021)



I dream with HIM

I wait on HIM

I pray to HIM

Best course of action for the mortal

Time and expiration they go together

Life the present…. Death the hereafter

A whole separate matter…

Laughter, gratitude makes the heart lighter...

The birds chirp…

The sound of the violin…. A breath of fresh air within

That space… that void

Only HE can fill

Like the desert home to the Cactus… such mystery

HIS pavilion….my solace

My peace, faith awaits in this secret place

I dream with HIM

I wait on HIM

I pray to HIM

K.Henry (Copyright 2021)



Giving opens feelings of healing..
of hope beyond human ceilings

removes barriers that once kept you and I shuttered...
like an isolated house left for ruin

Or like that little girl inside locked in her room
feeling unsafe about her space--- in the world

No one comes in and there's nothing going out
The elements of life escape none--- there is no round-about

There are no guarantees
It is up to us to bargain and see what can be...

Become of our efforts
Become of our faith
Become of our love

What are we really about?
So many people take and not give
missing the mark, this is the path they live

Forgetting that they too, soon, will cease to exist
The purpose they missed...
"giving is receiving" ---not a myth

When we give we allow ourselves to be open to the possibilities
in the making, the ones that giving is creating
anything else is dismal---nothing is growing

Don't be deceived---giving is receiving
This is the paradox of healing.

K.Henry (Copyright 2021)