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The S.T.E.P. Program

Empower your parenting programs with our Parent Education Center in West Palm Beach.

Are you concerned about the way things are going at home with your teenager?
Adolescence can be a difficult, challenging time of change—even rebellion.

We have proven methods to create positive change in your parent-child relationship.

Generally, parents learn to parent from the way they were raised—or they react and go to the opposite extreme. Either approach can be problematic, resulting in negative and serious consequences, including the following:

  • Poor communication at home
  • Aggressive and violent attitudes and behaviors by teens
  • Unhealthy behavior patterns, such as substance use, poor nutrition, poor sleeping habits, and poor academic performance
  • Legal problems
  • Low self-esteem
  • Anxiety (including social anxiety)
  • School phobia
  • Peer relationship problems
  • Depression, lack of motivation, and lack of interest in activities

If you are experiencing any of these issues, support and guidance are available through the STEP/TEEN Program.

STEP/TEEN is an engaging and enriching 7-week program designed to fit into busy family schedules.

The STEP/TEEN Program offers individual and family sessions for parents and teens. The purpose is to explore and learn about effective parenting styles, the nature of the parent-child relationship (and other relationships), and appropriate responses and communication needed in the evolving parent-teen relationship.

Keisha Henry has many years of experience working with parents and adolescents with specific training in the S.T.E.P. Curriculum (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting). STEP is an evidence-based program that is highly effective and recommended to address a wide range of parenting and teen issues such as:

  • Understanding yourself and your teenager
  • Changing your response to your teenager
  • Communicating respect and encouragement
  • Encouraging cooperation and solving problems
  • Using responsibility to build character and independent functioning

Challenging Time in Your Life

Parenting today can be overwhelming and challenging as a result of modern pressures, demands, and influences, such as social media, negative peer pressure, and other cultural influences. If you have concerns about your parenting style or your teenager’s behavior, we are here to help guide and support you through this challenging time in your life.

For additional information about parenting issues and the STEP/TEEN Program, please contact Keisha Henry at or
(561) 463-6620.